Hey there!

Before I begin blabbering endlessly about me and my life, why don’t we think for a second about you?

Have you stopped to check in on yourself today? How are you feeling?

Good? Bad? Tired? Excited? Anxious to get this over with so you can go on to the next thing you need to be doing on your computer?

Stop reading for a little bit and name something you did today that made you happy or proud of yourself. Now name three things that make you special.

Oh look! I made you smile! Now you have to keep reading.

Anyway, time to start blabbering about my life.

My name is Luisa and I’m a 18 year old… girl? woman? student? teenager? adult? Ah whatever!

I’m a 18 year old human being.

I live in an Island off the Southern Coast of Brazil called Florianópolis. I need to make something very clear before I go any further in my story: I am a VERY active person. And even though I suck at coming up with names for things, I think Hyperactive Dreamer is a really good way to describe myself.

The idea of starting a blog has been haunting me ever since I stumbled across the – now cliche, but still appealing – narrative of the “enlightened” person who found themselves staring at an empty sheet of paper or a blank screen, felt the fear of “writer’s block” and “impostor’s syndrome”, overcame that fear and lived a happily ever after life, ending up being interviewed by Tim Ferris or something.

I’m not expecting to become famous here, but I do want to see what the fuss is all about.

So I’m just gonna write random stuff, tell some of my small accidental adventures in the hope you get a laugh out of my failures, share my random philosophical thoughts in the hope you’ll go “huh! I’ve never thought about it that way!” and try to put into words the daily realizations and lessons I stumble across in the hope that it will speak to you and that you can take something away from my experience.

Thank you for reading trough! I hope I can make you smile again in the future =)